Going Straight

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Hello! Welcome to Going-Straight.com.

from Paul Karsten Fauteck, Psy.D., forensic psychologist and former prisoner.

This is “going straight” as in honest, legal, honorable.

If you’re looking for advice on hairstyle or sexual orientation, sorry. I can’t offer much advice there.

Here’s what I would like to offer some help with:

mug-resizeHelping people trapped in a criminal lifestyle find a better life – living at peace with the world, society, and even themselves;

Helping ex-cons learn to live down those records and put the past behind them;

Helping families of offenders and former offenders understand the challenges that a troubled loved one faces and know when and how to lend a hand;

Helping society choose correctional plans that work to reduce the soaring costs of imprisonment and stop the revolving door of recidivism;

Helping us all re-evaluate our attitudes toward convicted felons; if we can eliminate that “untouchable’ classification, we can also eliminate the self-fulfuling “irredeemable” prophecy.

The Big Lie: “Rehabilitation doesn’t work.”

This is one of the most costly fictions ever swallowed by many politicians and much of the public. Please read Why should you care about recidivism? and Is rehabilitation cost effective? on the Articles and More Information page. And good news for a change: While you’re on that page, see the Pew Center report on state prison populations.

The Book:

Going Straight: An ex-convict/psychologist tells why and how

book-smallNo, it’s not magic, but I’ve received many, many letters from readers who said it had helped make wondrous changes in their lives, lives of their loved ones, or in populations they’ve served. Others have told me it helped them gain a better understanding of criminality, rehabilitation, and recidivism than they ever had before.

Perhaps most important when you’re watching your dollars, not one person has ever told me it wasn’t worth the money! You can click on links to order it from this website, and you can also order it at any bookstore, anywhere.

For more information, click here: The Book

The Video:

Get It Right!

CoverFrontAvailable now, free,
on this website:

89 minute address to offenders
by Dr. Fauteck, in four parts.

Click here: Get It Right

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